Essay: Advantages offered by Data Warehouse

Essay: Advantages offered by Data Warehouse
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This essay discusses advantages offered by data warehouse.

Data warehousing allows executives of an organization to look at the organization as a whole instead of viewing it at departmental level. Furthermore, a data warehouse allows a common modelling of data that comes into repository from different sources. This makes the reporting and analysis of information much easier that if multiple data models were use to extract information for each source (Exforsys 2010).

In addition, all data inconsistencies are identified and resolved before the data is put into the data warehouse. This process tremendously simplifies the reporting and analysis. Another benefit that is offered by the use of data warehouse is that it offered separate storage of data. This stored data is under the control of data warehouse users. Hence, even if the sources from which data comes are removed or deleted, the data stored in the data warehouse will continue to exist and can be stored there for a long period of time (Ponniah 2001). Data warehouse also exist as a separate entity, that is, they have separate and independent processes to store, retrieve, report and analyze data, hence they are able to do their work without affecting performance of any other operational systems. Data warehouse also offer to enhance the value of an organization’s operational systems by working in conjunction with them. Furthermore, data warehouse also facilitate decision making in an organization with the help of It by supporting decision support system application which include trend reports, exception reports and reports which compare the performance of the organization against its goals (Jarke 2003).

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