Essay: Advantages of ZigBee

Essay: Advantages of ZigBee
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Wireless communication can often be very unreliable, due to the fact that the environment in which the wireless communication devices operate changes on a constant basis. This introduces factors such as interference and/or weak signal or even constant variation of signals which adversely affect the performance of the link. ZigBee standard caters the problem of unreliable communication by implementing a number of techniques, which include the use of CDMA technology, CSMA-CA, the use of Cyclic Redundancy Check, Acknowledgement, reliable routing as well as end-to-end acknowledgment in order to verify that the data has successfully been delivered to its destination. The use of CDMA technology provides ZigBee with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio guaranteeing performance.

The Carrier Sense Multiple Access-Carrier Avoidance (CSMA-CA) is used to increase the reliability of the transmission by avoidance of crosstalk or double transmissions (Morrow 2004). The Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is a 16-bit check placed on every packet, to ensure the data bits are correctly received. The acknowledgment procedure for packets also ensures the reliability of the link, by informing the receiver that the packet cannot be sent over the current link (Horak 2007). Through reliable routing through mesh networking, ZigBee not only extends the range a packet can be delivered but also enable the ad-hoc formation of the network as well as automatic route discovery and self-healing. In addition to this, ZigBee also allows for reliable broadcast as well as multicast transmissions to allow for sending of messages to all or selected nodes in a network. Through end-to-end acknowledgment, it is now possible to know for ZigBee transmitting devices, if a packet was successfully and reliably received by the other node (Yang and Yacoub 2006). The ZigBee standard is also very secure. It uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The AES-128, as it is called, encrypts and decrypts the packets by ciphering blocks of data, in a manner which is very difficult to be broken down.  The AES-128 is one of the well known and respected standards. ZigBee provides both encryptions, which means that the data cannot be understood by all but one listening nodes, as well as authentication, which ensures that a malicious node cannot insert packets into the network and expect other ZigBee nodes to do anything with it (Gislason 2008).

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