Essay: Adverse Effects of Smoking

Essay: Adverse Effects of Smoking
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Moreover, besides the increased chances of cancer, there are other health problems related to smoking. For example, smoking has adverse effects on one’s eyesight, heart, brain, skin and liver just to name a few.

Passive smoking is equally hazardous to a person’s health. It has been shown that second hand smoking increases the chances for heart disease (SirGan). Also people smoking in their houses in the presence of children is even more dangerous as children have weaker lungs and the chances of other diseases such as asthma increase in the child and if the child is an infant, then it can be even more serious.

Besides for the vast amount of health related issues, the cost of tobacco products is also a restrictive factor. Chain smokers can run yearly costs up to thousands of dollars in addition to the health related costs they will have to incur in the years to come. As it has been established that smoking is addictive, people who smoke infrequently will most likely become addicts later on and also have to incur these higher costs.

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