Essay: Affect of DDOS Attacks on Businesses

Essay: Affect of DDOS Attacks on Businesses
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The IT Security has in recent years gained tremendous popularity among businesses worldwide. This is because of the fact that they have realized that the effect of a disruption or a security breach is not just limited to the loss of equipment or information; it has grown manifold above that. Businesses are driven by customers and any security attack can lead to the loss of consumer confidence and trust, which could cause unquantifiable damages to them due to bad advertising as well as lowering of the customer base.

In a recent survey conducted by Media Matrix, more than 40% of the participants representing different companies cited customer confidence and trust as the most important thing for their business. In addition to loss of customers, the businesses also suffers from unavailability of attached information resources, loss of productivity due to the fact that non-IT staff then works in a degraded mode, or does not work at all while the situation is being brought under control, additional charges for detection, containment and repair of the vulnerability that was used for the attack  as well as resource used to facilitate these activities, Public relation costs which are spent on resources for preparing and releasing statements to the press and answer the questions of the customers, increase in insurance premiums from their insurers as well as cost of defending the company against any liability suit that results from the attacked company’s failure to deliver assured information and services (Cavusoglu, Mishra, & Raghunathan, 2004).

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