Essay: Why African American Women Avoided Amalgamation

Essay: Why African American Women Avoided Amalgamation
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Some of the African American women strove to fight to manifest their resistance. Not only this but some even went on to mold themselves in the roles demanded by the society. In order to escape the chances of meeting aggressive situations some of the African American women avoided community amalgamation so as to live a secluded way of life to show their resistance against the hostility of the people. Thus the nature of resistance  was both covert and overt. Those who fought for their rights against society they chose the overt resistance. While those who secluded themselves from the civilized world or relied on their spiritual strength, chose the covert method of resistance.

Whatever is the nature of resistance the question of the thing that is resisted by any one is important than other things. As the whole African American community had to face the racist behavior of the Whites who considered them inferior they were deprived of the equal oportunities in the society, whether it is economical or social. The African American women were equally depived of the opportunities of life and they were faced by racism as well as sexism which they resisted with chivalry.

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