Essay: Aim of Web 2.0 and Marketers Approach

Essay: Aim of Web 2.0 and Marketers Approach
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The aim of web 2.0 is to give consumers different reasons for being on the web and communicate via blogging, feedback, and personal web portals. Moreover, the objective is to spread the communication outside the entity’s website, lesser emphasize on selling rather creating attractions and finding market experts (Parise et al. 2008).

Because of the evolution web 2.0 has brought over the internet, marketers are now finding new routes towards novelty and innovation in creating advertising appeals. Social media has now become an important ingredient of a promotional plan for marketers. Before formulating a strategy for a promotional plan, marketers must take few aspects of web 2.0 into consideration. For instance, audience preferences and cost of web 2.0 advertising. This includes customers’ demographics and psychographic characteristics which are very important for marketers to know if they are approaching the right segment with appropriate characteristics (Thackeray et al. 2011).

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