Essay: Alcohol taken in the air

Essay: Alcohol taken in the air
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A research conducted found out that alcohol taken in the air could affect the taker more when taken in the air than when taken on the ground (Cook, 2005). This implies that only a few bottles can make a person drunk. Further, it is almost impossible for the plane attendants to determine the number of bottles taken by a single passenger. They are usually serving a large number of passengers, and, thus it will not be easy to know who has already taken several bottles and who have not.

It proves difficult for the plane crew to determine the amount that will make a passenger intoxicated (Civil Aviation, 2001). Different people who take alcohol are intoxicated after taking different quantities of the drink. This means that some will get drunk faster than others will. This way, the crew might think that they are controlling the alcohol only to realize that some passengers are being intoxicated by only two bottles of liquor.

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