Essay: Alfred Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains

Essay: Alfred Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains
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In 1956, Alfred Bloom came up with taxonomy of learning domains. He came up with the three domains to classify learning objectives in education. The domains were classified as affective, psychomotor and cognitive (Bloom, 1956; Bloom et al, 1973; Harrow, 1972). The affective domain is the ability to understand, and feel with others when they are joyous, or in pain. It targets awareness and growth in a person’s outlook and sentiments.

The psychomotor domain is the ability to physically maneuver a device or an instrument. Its main focus is on change and growth in behavior and ability to do something. Finally, the cognitive domain involves the development in intellectual skills and knowledge of a learner. It focuses on how that learner remembers what he/she has learnt that will assist him in developing the skills and knowledge that are required for intellectual development.

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