Essay: Use of Allocators for Memory Management

Essay: Use of Allocators for Memory Management
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Allocators in C language offer two functions and meet three potential requisites. They support allocation of requested memory space in unit of byte. The allocator gives back a pointer after allocation. It returns a null pointer if there is not any memory space on hand. Free function frees the memory allocated and returns this pointer back to operating system or program to be used in future (Bartlett, 2004).

Memory allocation is a tricky thing to do. One gets to save as much space as he wants but on a condition that what trick he is making. A conference by ACM was held in 2008 for having a fruitful discussion on memory management techniques. This conference was named as ISMM i.e. international symposium for memory management. Resource management should be automated in order to make it a bit dynamic. The standard provides a method to allocate for standard containers in order to get a clue about the location declaration of the other pointer (ACM SIGPLAN, 2008).

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