Essay: Alternatives to the Bundle Protocol

Essay: Alternatives to the Bundle Protocol
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Alternatives to The bundle protocol include HTTP-DTN which uses HTTP protocol and MIME to transfer data between end points. Advantages of HTTP-DTN include flexibility in use, the capability of unidirectional transmissions and possibility to reuse pieces of web infrastructure such as SOAP on top of it (Wood & Holliday, 2008).

There are several other protocols which are being developed to be used for transportation of data in deep space communications. These include Deep Space Transport Protocol (DSTP), which uses proactive transmission and retransmission scheduling rules in order to deal with  huge propagation delays, high bit error rates and intermittent connectivity problems(Papastergiou, Psaras, Tsaoussidis 2009); Transport Protocol for InterPlanetary Internet (TP-Planet), whose main functionality is probing congestion detection and control mechanism to deal with congestion losses; and Space Communication Protocol Standard – Transport Protocol (SCPS-TP), which modifies and extends TCP and UDP protocol and deals with congestion and packet corruption in deep space communications(MITRE, 2009).

The environments of deep space communication and military communication present cases involving long delays, intermittent communication, frequent disruption and compromise on security. Delay and Disruption Tolerant Network provides a reliable mode of transportation in these scenarios. Though the Bundle Protocol has its limitations and shortcomings, it is much better in performance when compared to TCP. Other alternatives to the Bundle Protocol are also being developed which will make the DTN market more competitive as well as be making theses protocols more reliable and effective.

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