Essay: Alzheimer’s disease progression

Essay: Alzheimer’s disease progression
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Stage 1

In the early stage of the illness, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s are likely to have reduced level of energy and impulsiveness, though frequently no one notices anything strange. They display minor memory loss and changing moods are slow in learning and reacting to things.

After some time they are prone to shyness from anything fresh and have a preference for the recognizable (Frisoni, et al., 1999). At this point, the Alzheimer’s fatality can still carry out tasks autonomously, but may need help with more complex activities. Speech and thoughtfulness turn out to be slower, and patients are often defeated from their own thought in the middle of this stage. They may also go missing while itinerant or not remember to pay their utility bills. As soon as the Alzheimer’s victims turn out to be conscious of this loss of power, they may become unhappy, bad-tempered, and fidgety (Hesdorffer & Mayeux, 1990).

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