Essay: Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Essay: Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms
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  • Reduced or declining judgment: Those with Alzheimer’s may wear inappropriate clothes, tiring several layers on a tepid day or little clothes in the wintry. They may show deprived ruling, like giving away big sums of cash to telemarketers.

  • Problems with conceptual idea: Someone with Alzheimer’s may have strange complexity in undergoing multifaceted psychological tasks, such as not remembering what figures are for and how they ought to be utilized.
  • Misplacing things: An individual with Alzheimer’s may put things in strange places.
  • Changes in temper or actions: Patients with Alzheimer’s may show rapid mood swings that are switching of mood from tranquil to crying to fury. Alarming is that they do not have any reason for it.
  • Changes in behavior: The personalities can alter radically. They may become tremendously puzzled, doubtful, afraid, or reliant on a family member.

Loss of ability to take initiative: A person with Alzheimer’s may become very inert, seated in from of the television for long hours, sleeping for long hours, or not wanting to do common tasks (Lawlor, 1996).

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