Essay: Amartya Sen on Globalization

Essay: Amartya Sen on Globalization
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According to Amartya Sen (2002) in an online article “How to judge globalism”, “there is no time like the present, when globalization is getting a bad rap because of the financial crisis, to recall some of his arguments” (Sen, 2002). She states, further that globalization is neither something coming afresh nor a threat to the society nor is it an only a western ideology. However, considering the benefits that can be derived from the ideology, it is a despair that these benefits are not shared equally among the countries around the world and this is a dilemma that needs to be fought properly in order to achieve positive results.

Sen disagrees with the previous historians and goes on to say that “United Nations, NGO’s and parts of the news media have a positive role to play in ensuring a ‘global democratic state’ characterized by “global reasoning” (Sen, 408-409).  Sen’s apparition of international independent state is somewhat one sided and unfair, and it principally overlies on the concept of American realm. To be very accurate, one can heed the resonance of the reason of realm in Sen’s rational dispute since his comprehensive self-governing state would be arbitrated through imperialism of United Nations and other nongovernmental organizations and commercial media. To poise such allegations of imperialism, Sen hardly makes a contentious accord, conflicting in goodwill of a “global dialogue between imperialist power bloc alliance of Washington, London, Paris and Tokyo with anti-globalization protests” (Sen 409).

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