Essay: Amartya Sen and Seyla Benhabib-Ideas of Globalization

Essay: Amartya Sen and Seyla Benhabib-Ideas of Globalization
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It often comes under discussion, if we should leave the analysis of globalization to social science and journalism and social scientists?  Looking at a broader level globalization can be described as a quickening of linking between regions, an augmented quantity and in broadening array.  Globalization has turned out to be one of the most talked about terminologies in our times.

Globalization as agued by Richard J. Barnet and John Cavanagh is “a popular term in both the academy and the press because it seems to capture the essential changes in the human condition that are taking place in our time” (J. & Cavanagh, 1993, p.153). It is devastatingly not just referred to as an economic phenomenon, but also entails biased, sacred, civilizing, academic, and ecological concerns. Therefore it reflects a possibility of wide diversity of investigation and research which will also include a reference to history.

Sociologists and scientists have gone about their research on globalization in a chronological method. Certainly prejudiced by the present factors that encompass the contemporary society, many researchers of globalization recognize the occurrence as a fundamental disjuncture with modest chronological pattern. In the words of the historian Patrick Manning, historians “have have not been part of this sort of global studies movement largely because they decline to accept the historical premise that underlies globalization” (Manning, 2003).

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