Essay: American Business History

Essay: American Business History
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There was a time when concept of employing technology was very vague therefore a major company decided to stop making technological accessories such as mainframe computer at that time because they thought there is no profit in it, but as the time passed the necessity of having PCs increased phenomenally in 1980s. Since then a series of developing PCs got started by improving the security, compatibility and other issues every time.

Then comes HP i.e. Hewlett Packard as a solution provider in information technology. It aimed to serve consumers, businesses, and institutions globally (HP, 2009). The surfacing of Information technology has changed the way people do their businesses, instead of huge man power for manual operations; organizations now need a technology solution that is optimized and easy to perform. The case with institutions is the employment of an optimal system for its functioning. Consumers today want to have each domestic and official problem to be solved using technology. HP is famous for the products it makes, but from its foundation in 1939 till now it has been providing solutions to humanity. Getting started from the invention of oscillators for Walt Disney they have reached to the status of launching Apple iPods being one of the most trusted brands (HP, 2009). The effects of generating technology solutions are huge. The way of living has revolutionalized, core operations have changed their shape. The PC systems have become the personal items now therefore the demand has increased and with the advancement of technology the cost is cutting down day by day. In this paper, there is an analysis on the cultural changes, social impacts, and optimal advantages we have got after the emergence of information technology.

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