Essay: American Civil War and Reconstruction

Essay: American Civil War and Reconstruction
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American Civil War holds in it many events that turned around the futures of Americans and the states in United States of America. An event of the American civil war was the battle of Antietam. In this battle Potomac River became the bloody river and across it situated Maryland became the valley of death in 1862. The reasons behind were the foreign pressures, President Abraham Lincoln’s war aims and the aim to free all the slaves. His movement was known as Proclamation of emancipation.

The factors that became the reasons for the war were the Union army’s disobedience to the President and their lack of interest in liberating the slaves. The state of Virginia was a crucial are at that time. There was a Confederate army which was being headed by General Robert E. Lee; he was the Commander of the Northern Virginia Army. The victorious Union whose head was an energetic and ambitious army general George McClellan, the Chief Field General to the President of United States. Several books were written on this event of the war but James M. McPherson being a scholar on Civil War and a great historian engraved the event on paper so fabulously that establishes interest of the reader to read it till the end. Other big literary figures also appreciate this great pen craft by McPherson (2002).

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