Essay: American Families in the Cold War Era

Essay: American Families in the Cold War Era
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This book entails the private lives of families during the Cold War. Homeward Bound has not only been responsible for altering the common consideration of Cold War in America but it also compels historians and readers like me to reassess the association between the public and private lives of American families after the Cold War. Elaine Tyler May through this book raises a question upon the political ideology by researching that the Atomic Age and the Cold War were not the only objectives to be studied by those who make the public policy.

We all know that the Cold War era released tensions and pressures as such that made a heavy impact on the American life at each and every level for the reason that the declared foreign strategy of containment in the direction of the Soviet Union had a familial consequence. The apparent threats of this era were the nuclear war, consumerism, collectivism, women’s liberation and sexual testing which were shown to be contained in the family itself.

In my view, I believe that the thesis May argues on somewhat portrays “cold war ideology and the domestic revival as two sides of the same coin” (p. 10). At the same time I read this to be a reflection of the scrupulous fears and anxiety as well as the ambitions and expectations for the period.

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