Essay: American Ideas of Liberty

Essay: American Ideas of Liberty
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In what ways did World War I challenge American ideas of liberty and freedom?

When a historian studies the time period spanning from the First World War to the end of the century, many transformations are observed. The beginning of the twentieth century was threatening to freedom and liberty of Americans. World War I turned out to be a great threat to liberal egalitarianism, although they eventually overpowered the tyrannical states of the essential authorities. The war resulted in an impulse for the dissolution of previous types of government which also included dynasties and empires. The quantity of democratic states in Europe had almost crossed thirteen towards the closing of the war.

This number was only 3 at the beginning in 1914 (Kennedy, Cohen and Piehl 35). This occurrence turned out to be highly obvious in Russia. Before the war, the Russian kingdom was staggering from fatalities to Japan and opinionated resistance with the Kadets, an influential open-minded alliance in the Duma. The collective success offered a major confrontation for liberalism because it swiftly helped in raising the totalitarian government, but the financial problems that shocked the Western humanity in the 1930s was even more disturbing.

The Great Depression totally distorted the liberal world. There was a suspicion of a fresh liberalism throughout WWI, but contemporary liberalism fully emerged in the 1930s as a reaction to the Great Depression, which enthused John Maynard Keynes to transform the grounds of economics. His theories boosted the industrial production.

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