Essay: American Medical Association

Essay: American Medical Association
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The professional association website selected was the website for AMA which stands for American Medical Association. The website provides support for doctors as well as those involved in the field of medicine. The website claims its mission as to promote the art and science of medicine and to help the medical professionals in the field of medicine and states that “The American Medical Association helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues. AMA policy on issues in medicine and public health is decided through its democratic policy-making process, in the AMA House of Delegates. The AMA’s activities with for-profit entities are directed by AMA guidelines for corporate relationships, and its Internet products follow AMA guidelines for health and information Web sites.” (AMA Mission, 2007). The information available on the website was updated on a regular basis and the navigation of the site is very simple as well. However in order to access all the information on the website the user needs to be a part of the AMA association and has to be registered as a medical professional.

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