Essay: American Nursing Association

Essay: American Nursing Association
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ANA has been the voice of American nurses for more than a century now. Their major contributions include development of policies, lobbying nurses, major newsletter and other published material, internet portability for nurses and partnerships with other important organizations. The needs of all nurses are addressed formally and quickly thus ensuring proper flow of information. Alignment of proper policies ensures the equitable position of nurse in all healthcare settings.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is one of the only professional bodies for nurses which embody over 3.1 million indexed nurses through its elemental nursing associations which are affiliated with Center for American Nurses (Stearley, 1996). This union takes the nursing profession ahead by maintaining high standards of practice, fighting and captivating the rights of nurses in the workplace, keeping their image realistic and regulating fair practices in order to favorably affect nurses and public.

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