Essay: An Example of HCI use in making Technology Available

Essay: An Example of HCI use in making Technology Available
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An example of bridging the digital divide by making technology available to the people, who cannot afford it, is the XO-1 Laptop which has been made available to the children in developing countries under the program run by One Laptop per Child NGO. The program aims at making the advantages of the technologies of the 21st centuries available to the poor children in these countries as well as making them aware and proficient in using the most important educational tool of today, the Internet.

Despite being embedded with latest technologies such as Wi-Fi and video camera and a microphone, the design on the laptop has been kept simple, useful and sturdy by keeping the requirement and the behavior of children in mind. First of all, it has been giving a cool look which obviously attracts the children into coming in contact with it. The design of the XO-1 laptop has been kept strong and rugged from the point of view that children need to enjoy the product and get familiar with the technology and the Internet rather than having the thought of being careful with the product at all time at the back of their mind.  The laptop shell has been made from a strong material which can take on a lot of “punishment” from children and has been designed to be dirt and moisture proof. Furthermore, it also has movable rubber Wi-Fi antennae as well as a sealed rubber membrane keyboard which is very sturdy. XO-1 is also available in ten different keyboard layouts in order to suit the local requirement of a country for which it is made available. All these features have made XO-1 very popular in countries and communities where it has been made available as it is not only designed to be cheap (only $100 per laptop) but it also allows the children to make use of the technology using an interface which attracts them and makes it more natural to them. And this popularity was made possible through the study of Human-Computer Interactions (One-Laptop-Per-Child, 2009).

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