Essay: An understanding of how CL language Works

Essay: An understanding of how CL language Works
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CL language provides for a number of important functions to the user for system activities. CL commands can also be used to create and manipulate the object, libraries, and members instead of Programming Development Manager (PDM).It also makes PDM easier to use and additional options can be added to it that provide functions not offered by PDM.

Besides offering manipulation of libraries, files, and members, other objects that can be manipulated using CL language consists of output queue, which acts as default output device usually associated with a printer. The output queues are device specific storage areas on disk which hold the output such as spool files until the printer is free from its last job. CL commands allow the user to create output queues and making changes to their default output device. An output queue without any associated printer can also be created. These commands can then be used to view, discard or print the output. The output can be created through several ways. First printer files can be created by CL commands to provide the name of the specific output queue in the printer file. Their priority is overridden by the job creation and job information and user profile manipulation CL commands. If not output queue is provided then the one from job description is used. Finally, if no output queue is specified the output will automatically go to system default printer. CL commands also let the user work with spool files, such a printing spool files which does not have a printer associated with output queue, controlling printer function or even making it offline to use. CL commands are also used to work with library list, which is a list of libraries associated with the particular user. A user can designate its current library, view and modify its current library using CL commands. The CL commands also allow the user to communicate with other users and programs using messages and their message queues which are created to hold them. These commands let you send information, inquiry as well as break messages which interrupt the receiving user screen. They also let you change message queue delivery method and severity level filter value. You can also view system messages using CL commands, which helps in problem determination and troubleshooting (Janson, 2004).

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