Essay: Analysis of Costco Wholesale

Essay: Analysis of Costco Wholesale
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The name of the company being analyzed in this paper is Costco which is a membership based warehouse that offers its customers a wide range of merchandise based products.  The various categories of products the company offers include appliances, auto products, baby products, beauty, bed and bath, computers, electronics, home décor, food and wine, furniture, hardware, health products, office products, jewelry, pet products, sports, funeral, instruments, house ware, books, CDs, DVDs, toys and games. The company sells products to its customers with a low price strategy and has followed this strategy since the time of its inception which is the main cause of a very large membership base.

Costco offers three types of memberships to its customers which are business, Gold Star and executive memberships. The business membership of the company is offered to licensed businesses, farmers, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and ranchers at an annual fee of $50. The Gold Star membership is offered to people who cannot meet the requirements of a licensed business at a similar rate of $50 per year. The highest level of membership is the executive membership which can be obtained on an additional payment of $50 on business and Gold Star memberships.

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