Essay: An Analysis of the Various CRM Technologies

Essay: An Analysis of the Various CRM Technologies
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Customer Relation Management (abbreviated CRM) is a widely popular jargon and methodology normally associated with the information industry. CRM is a procedure that helps the company which uses it in managing customer relations more effectively and efficiently through the use of technology such as the Internet (Williams, 2008). It helps the company achieve organization of customer affairs so the customers are better handled, more satisfied with the company’s services and simultaneously, it helps the company save costs and much needed time.

For instance, a company could have an online collection of clients’ profiles that is regularly updated and in vivid detail which can be accessed by all related parties, such as employees, management and maybe even the customers (Williams, 2008). This database would make it possible to provide the customers with what they want and inform customers of new and improved products and services and also hold a history of past transactions of the customers and other various details that are useful.

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