Essay: Analysis of Doll’s House

Essay: Analysis of Doll’s House
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Eliminating Dr. Rank from the play will mean that the audience will not learn of Nora’s secret: love for the doctor. It shows that there is room for love irrespective of gender inequity. It ‘is indication of infidelity” (21) as argued by Bem.

The play shows indication of a happy ending. Many good things are bound to happen. However, German production of art is shown as being “boring, lacking excitement and tension” (Eikhofi and Haunschild 528).

Torvald is ready to forgive his wife. He is sorry for the insults he said on his wife. However, his wife feels like a doll and evidences “misunderstandings in families in Germany setting” (Eikhofi and Haunschild 533) at the time of the play production are shown.

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