Essay: Analysis of dry bulk market

Essay: Analysis of dry bulk market
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In the year 2007, the stocks for the dry bulk market were very volatile. This was due to the fluctuations in the freight rates and charges as well as the dry bulk market in general.

However, with the investments being made in new vessels and technology by the Greeks and the increasing demand of raw materials by China, the industry for the dry bulk shipping is going to be facing an even increased amount of economic activity in the future./ as a result companies and individual parties are investing in stocks for bulk shipping in order to take advantage of the recent slam in the stock prices. The value of the stock has gone low for a temporary period of time, and will be rising again in the near future. “The last 12 months have seen enormous gains in the shipping industry as a whole as steel production and demand for raw materials in China has soared. As more ferry loads of coal, steel, grains and other commodities have been chartered it has caused upward pressure on shipping costs. That’s good news for the dry bulk shipping industry, which has seen even its worst stocks skyrocket as much as 150% in the last year.” (Ackerman, 2007)


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