Essay: Analyzing causes of death through Post Mortem

Essay: Analyzing causes of death through Post Mortem
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The author concludes that he died due to a case of poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, nephritic syndrome based on the patient’s symptoms of intolerable body scent and edema (collection of fluid under the skin as a result of uncontrolled homeostasis). Along with Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven’s long illness and controversial death is debated about. Again there might be several cases. Lead poisoning or liver cirrhosis because of the huge amount of alcohol consumption is believed upon as indicated by his autopsy but what Mackowiak pursues is syphilis.

Edgar Allan Poe is focused, who was a great American writer and poet of the Romantic Movement. His death remains a mystery till today which Mackowiak tries to resolve convincing us that his repetitive spells of delirium tremens occurred due to excessive intake of alcohol. Delirium tremens is known as the withdrawal symptom of addiction to alcohol. But there have been many other theories including rabies, meningeal inflammation, and epilepsy. Florence Nightingale, the leading figure in the history of nursing, is identified as ‘the Lady with the Lamp’ for her constant tending to soldiers at night during her service in the Crimean war. From the period of 1857, Florence was confined to bed for more than thirty years of her life. The mysterious question is why? The diagnosis leads Mackowiak to explain that it was probably due to her contraction of brucellosis which would have been due to her consumption of goat raw milk and meat goods during her service in the war. Further, in her life, the author suggests her illness be post-traumatic stress disorder along with bipolar disorder. War, a depressive time might also have been the cause for it.

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