Essay: Analyzing Patients with Alzheimer’s

Essay: Analyzing Patients with Alzheimer’s
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When we come to analyzing patients with Alzheimer’s, it is very important that we learn the different types of dementia afflicting patients on a frequent basis. There are no recognized grounds identified that can be actually related to Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have identified a great amount and types of diseases that have signs which are similar to dementia coupled with Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer,  1977).

Discoveries have identified that primary undifferentiated dementia is found to directly affect the brain directly. This is seen in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, the primary differentiated dementia results in loss of control in muscles and therefore the patients with this type of dementia can be distinguished easily. Lastly, the secondary dementia diseases are different from the rest as they can easily be cured as they do not cause a long-term loss of control. But in this case, early diagnosis is necessary as this can worsen if not cured in time (Lawlor, 1996).

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