Essay: Ancient Chinese Contributions

Essay: Ancient Chinese Contributions
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Innovations and inventions have significantly shaped the world today (Sayre, 2012). There are several inventions and developments that may be thought to have come from the Western countries. However, many of the inventions have their origin in China. Just as, Frater (2007) argues, “everything that can be invented already has been invented in China”. This is a proof that China has been of significant help to put the world where it is today. Today’s world is based on technology and, most of it is from China.

(1) Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions

Several useful inventions or contributions come from China. One of the most significant and known to almost everyone is row planting, which was started in the 6th century BC (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, 2005). As they made this invention, it was believed that plants in rows grew stronger and faster with less wind damage. Wind passed through the well developed lines without damaging the crops. Another invention was the compass done in 4th century BC (Frater, 2007). Although the first compass was facing the south, it helped as direct finder and a divination tool.

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