Essay: Animal Farm by George Orwell

Essay: Animal Farm by George Orwell
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A British socialist and essay writer who was always against the excesses of government wrote the novel Animal Farm. He was known as George Orwell in the writing circles but his real name was Eric Blair. He tells the story of the animals of the manor farm who come together to fight the owner of the farm Mr. Jones which they do one day at night forcing him to flee. Although this idea is introduced to the animals by the prize-winning boar, Old Major, who dies three days later but his main principles are carried on by three little pigs namely; Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer.

At first, their life in farm, which they rename, the animal farm is smooth but later Napoleon and Snowball start disagreeing on the plans for the future of the farm. However, Snowball is of the idea of building a windmill for generating electricity the plan is opposed strongly by Napoleon. They call a meeting in order to vote for the project where Snowball gives a passionate speech. In the case of Napoleon, he just retorts and then cries in a strange sound, which leads to nine attack dogs, chase Snowball out of the farm. The attack dogs have been under the tutelage of Napoleon, a duty he gives to himself after Snowball chooses to teach the other animals how to read and write. When a white farmer by the name of Mr. Frederick attacks the windmill with dynamites a great war starts between him and the animals where by Boxer is seriously injured.

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