Essay: Antagonist of a Free Market in Organs

Essay: Antagonist of a Free Market in Organs
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Antagonists of a free market in organs disagree too that it would promote only individuals who could have enough money to pay–not essentially those mainly in necessity. This protest should also be discarded. Necessity does not allow anyone to harm the lives of other citizens, by omitting a seller from receiving the greatest cost for his organ, or a purchaser from acquiring an organ to advance his existence. Those who can pay for the amount to buy organs would, at no one’s disbursement but their individual pocket (Sanbar).

As Holcberg says, I believe that those not capable to compensate would still depend on contributions, as they do at present. And a free market would augment the capability of benevolent associations to secure organs. The privilege to purchase an organ is an element of your liberty to life. The liberty to life is the liberty to take all proceedings a balanced being entails to continue his life. This liberty befalls worthless when the regulations of law forbid purchasing a kidney or liver that would prevent death and save life (Holcberg).

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