Essay: Anti- Authoritarian themes in the texts

Essay: Anti- Authoritarian themes in the texts
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Destruction of identity

The main theme of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest comprises of McMurphy’s fights against the harsh policies Nurse Ratched. She has created a society for herself in the ward that is under her control and also built her own laws and penalizations.

These are applicable to both the patients and the nurses who look after them. McMurphy is the only anti authoritarian who challenges these rules from the very time that he arrives at the ward. He upsets everything such as the self-governing practice of group therapy to cleaning his teeth before the time that was allotted for all the patients. By having McMurphy raise an issue and making fun of the absurd, calculating policies, Kesey represents the persons fight against a traditionalist world as a dignified, significant job. McMurphy’s struggle to change the system can also be related to the world outside where the social structure were emphasizing consistency as a means of continuation of the law and procedures. He states in on one instance: “What can you pay for the way a man lives? What can you pay for what a man is?” (Kesey 208). Through the depiction of one individual’s significant clash against a small civilization, Kesey brought into query the principles of his own civilization at large.

Pinter’s play is set in a modern political penitentiary and a maltreated landscape, whose locations are not recognized. Even though Pinter cautiously weakens the political and environmental position, despite of the truth that the setting of the entire play is subjected to totalitarian state, there are frequent English references such as the style and articulation are constantly English like some of the names Charley and Sara Johnson, Joe Dokes and instances where references are provided to Babycham, Lady Duck Muck. However, most necessarily the Mountain Language discovers the style of nationalism. The play is an account of nationalism in a logical pattern. The Power in both plays is subjected to harmony and organization of state awareness. Mountain Language is a metropolitan horrendousness with hostages in uniforms and hoods working for nationalized harmony while obliterating the other that is the minor groups, the feminism and the pastorals.

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