Essay: Antislavery Societies were Formed

Essay: Antislavery Societies were Formed
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During Andrew Jackson era as the US president, several antislavery societies were formed. The antislavery societies were formed with the aim of advocating against slavery. These societies did not intend to influence the political process; however, they inevitably affected the political process.

It is during last two years of Jackson presidency (1819-1821), when the issue of introduced through the Missouri debates. Jackson pro-slavery characteristic reveals the dark side of his presidency. He supported the south opinion on slavery and affirmed that the whites were superior to other races. Like Jefferson, he owned many slaves and did not advocate for changes on the constitution, to ban slavery.

Jackson view of slavery was complex. The democrats in the north were against slavery while the Southern extremist advocated for slavery. This appeared to tear apart the union apart. In efforts to consolidate the union, Jefferson had to be calm and play his cards close to the chest.

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