Essay: Anti-Tobacco Programs

Essay: Anti-Tobacco Programs
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The celebrities, whom the youth admire so much, are used to campaign on anti-tobacco programs. Youth like to resemble certain celebrities and therefore will be encouraged to quit smoking in order to be like their non-smoking models. Youth love games as well and through Tobacco-Free Sports Initiatives, they encourage each other to quit smoking. Dangers associated with smoking are highlighted to the youth so that they are aware of them and thus make informed decisions (CDC, 2011).

Tobacco smoking has been an issue of concern for a number of years. The strategies laid down to help people quit smoking do not work since they are implemented but after a short duration of time, they are forgotten. Due to addiction, smokers cannot easily quit smoking despite the fact that they are aware of the dangers of smoking. Cessations programs have to be emphasized on by the health care providers to help the smokers.

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