Essay: Applications of ZigBee

Essay: Applications of ZigBee
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ZigBee networking can be used in a number of applications, which not only include domestic uses but also industrial uses as well. One of the major application areas of ZigBee networking is home automation. This is because the typical data rate in a home environment is only 10Kbps (Guteirrez 2007). In home automation, a popular application of ZigBee is in security system.

A ZigBee-base security system consists of a number of sensors, which include motion detectors, glass break detectors as well as security cameras. Despite the fact that ZigBee has a low data rate, it is still capable of transferring acceptable quality images wirelessly. These images can then be recorded through digital devices or even transmitted to a dedicated monitor to be used by security personnel (Mueller, 2005). Light control is another example of ZigBee application in a domestic environment. In such an environment, recess lights and switch are equipped with ZigBee devices, with no wired connection between the lights and the switches. Hence through ZigBee networking, any switch can be assigned to turn on and off any light in the house. For the industry, the ZigBee enabled devices can be used in areas such as energy management, process control as well as asset management (Gislason 2008).

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