Essay: Applying Marketing Principles

Essay: Applying Marketing Principles
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Dell is famous brand, based in Texas, USA, which supplies computer products to home user, small, medium and large organizations. Its products include Laptops, PC, their peripherals and accessories.

Dell uses both direct and indirect channels of distributions for its products. For direct distribution, Dell maintains a store on in its own website which is used by customers ordering products. It also maintains a sales telephone line, which customer can call to place an order. These products are delivered to the customer by using courier service. It also has stores in the US and maintains kiosks in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the UK from where the orders can be placed. (Hogg, 2008)

For indirect distribution, Dell has agreements with a number of distributors and retailers throughout the world which market and distribute products where Dell itself doesn’t provide service.  In America, Dell has a contract with Tech Data and Ingram Micro for the distribution of its products to small and medium enterprises (Dell Corporation, 2009). In the UK, Micro P. has the contract to distribute and promote Dell’s printer products and consumable (Kunert, 2008), while in the Middle East, Aptec Corporation acts as the distributor. (AME Info, 2008)

Retail groups responsible for distribution of Dell Products include Wal-Mart in the US, which actively maintain its range of DELL products in stores. In China, Dell products are sold by Gome (Einhorn, 2007). French giant Carrefour has retail stores in France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Romania, Brazil and Italy and all of these stores sell Dell products. In the UK, DSGi is in contract with Dell to promote and distribute Dell products in its stores (Dell Corporation, 2009), while in Australia, Dell has signed a contract with DickSmith, The Good Guys and OfficeWorks to make its products available to the Australian Customers (, 2009)

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