Essay: Aquinas’ Aggression Theory

Essay: Aquinas’ Aggression Theory
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This theory usually has conditions; the first condition can be explained as it having a fair cause why a certain thing is happening. The condition bases its facts Aquinas’ Aggression theory. This Aggression theory can be divided into six important purposes:

There is in existence a society internationally comprised of independent states. The international society comprises laws that govern members’ rights and the country the members live

  1. The use of any kind of might or a substantial threat by one country over another is wrong and can be termed as a criminal act and an act of aggression.
  1. Aggression can be justified by different kinds of violence: self-defense and the enforcement of law by the victimized country.
  2. It is only when one country undergoes aggression from another that a war can be justified.
  3. Once the state or country undergoing aggression has been militarily rebuffed, that country can also be punished in accordance to the laws of that state. (Walzer, Pp. 61)

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