Essay: Archimedes Challenges to Descartes

Essay: Archimedes Challenges to Descartes
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The point is relevant to his analogy as Archimedes challenges the evitable and the basic inherent conditions. Descartes wants to do the same by eliminating all those reflection and thoughts which might have any sort of bias or uncertainty attached to them.

The thing that Descartes talks about is his intellectual capability and his mental capacity which cannot be doubted as it has no bounds.
He rejects his possibility of being an animal as he blatantly states that if he were an animal he would have time to leisure however this is not the case. He rejects that he is a body as he disposes of his sensory system and the elements in the environment to focus only with his brain.
Descartes describes himself as a entity which only thinks and does not require sustainability like other live creatures on earth.
Descartes rejects the evidence of imagination stating that it is based on perception which is not clear. Instead he substitutes it with his thinking entity which takes into account the power of analysis as well as deliberation and reflection.
The ability to tell the wax tells us that we rely on our eyes, nose and hands to make the decision for us to determine the changes that take place around us. In the case of the wax the different forms of the wax as analyzed by our sensory system tell us they are different things but our brain and mind knows better that it is just wax.

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