Essay: Architecture of a Relational Database Management System

Essay: Architecture of a Relational Database Management System
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The architecture of a Relational DBMS system can be categorized as three-level architecture.  These three layers are External Conceptual and Internal Layer. The External layer is the highest level layer in the RDBMS architecture. It is also called the User View since it is the closest to the user. The data visible on the External layer is only a part of the database, and contains only relevant data that is required by the user.

Since, this layer is the most visible part of any RDBMS; it provides a number of techniques through which data can be extracted from the database. Most RDBMS support used of query language (SQL) as well ability to write scripts or function that can be used by user application to make the data available to them. The Conceptual layer sits between the External and the internal layer. This layer is used by the database Administrator to create and modify the structure of database. The conceptual layer describes the database as it really exists in the RDBMS.  The last layer, internal layer, deals with the physical storage of data. It describes the use of various entities to organize the storage of data at physical level (Mosharraf & Forouzan, 2007).


The various techniques available for database modeling, offer advantages over one another. The relational database model is preferred because of its efficiency in access and modification of data in large databases. The relational database management system architecture can be categorized into 3 layers. The external layer provides a related view of database to the user. The conceptual layer is used to define database as it should exist in the RDBMS while the internal layer is responsible for organizing the storage of data at physical level.

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