Essay: Argument against Direct to Consumer advertising of prescribed drugs

Essay: Argument against Direct to Consumer advertising of prescribed drugs
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Advertising strategies all over the world rely on the premise of accentuating any shortcoming in you and then presenting a viable solution to it via the product being advertised. Direct to consumer advertising is just an example of such instancing which is unethical and is no exception. Try recalling an advertisement for a medication for depression; you can simply recall the words isolated, lonely, or feel previously easy tasks are now difficult. With these terminologies comes a solution in the form of a product which is possibly a drug in this case. These advertisements are misleading and can induce the consumer that they need a drug, whereas they would be completely healthy (Donohue, Marisa & Rosentha, 2001).

This isn’t reasonable to the user as well as to the physicians who feel the pressures of prescribing drugs that are not required. With serious and sometimes life taking consequences because of the prescription of these drugs, these companies carry considerable moral responsibility when publicizing directly to the consumer.

Advertising drugs which can be obtained through prescription are not the same as any other product. Usually, an advertisement attempts to influence the consumer to buy something that they actually don’t need. In this case, the promoter is trying to convince the customer to buy a drug which if they realize they do not require and on top of that they should not use. If there is no limitation of space in printed ads or time restriction or aired commercials, a location where additional information can be obtained should be provided. This can be an address of a doctor or a website they can visit online. There are numerous drugs which when tested were seen to be barely effective therefore these direct to consumer advertisement should be prohibited. Also, on the other hand, we can see that there is no single cure for any illness and that no drug is better compared to another.

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