Essay: Argument in favor of Direct to Consumer advertising

Essay: Argument in favor of Direct to Consumer advertising
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An argument prevails that whether Direct to Consumer Advertisements of drugs is effective or not. I believe it is extremely beneficial to society. When done properly DTC advertising can enlighten the public of such ailments and diseases as well as many potential treatments for these ailments. Just as some argue that direct to consumer advertising can harm the patient’ relationship with the doctor, it is also argued that they can improve this relationship.  It’s likely that after watching the advertisement, a patient may discuss the drugs with their doctors which on the other hand may have never happened.

This could be either because of the unawareness of the patient or lack of knowledge towards the many symptoms related to the illness being discussed. Direct to consumer advertising may also serve to take away a certain disgrace connected to the illness that is not discussed openly. Some of these are erectile dysfunction or depression.

Health care has gone through an immense change, and most adults now distinguish the need to play a vigorous role in organizing their own care. Widely obtainable health knowledge for consumers eases this empowerment (Sheehan, 2003). While DTC marketing alone cannot offer all of the knowledge necessary to validate a particular behavior, it motivates consumers to ask their doctors and to study more about the profits and losses of healing alternatives.

Market expansion of the benefits that these drugs can provide is another benefit.  We resolutely think that bringing improvement to the health of more consumers is a benefit to the society and not a cost—particularly when outpatient drug therapy can be replaced for more costly alternatives such as hospitalization and surgeries. Clear, easily understandable information is all that consumers (patients) require being aware of their health and these are some of the viable benefits of this type of advertising that we cannot forego.

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