Essay: Arguments Presented by Kant

Essay: Arguments Presented by Kant
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I simply do not agree with this argument presented by Kant. The strengths of my individual analysis rely on the likelihood of attaining a return by carrying out a duty. I feel there is a significance of doing something with a smiling face. If you are discontented to carrying out a moral action it will divulge externally or make obvious that your heart is somewhere else, thus, fouling the act. On the other hand, carrying out a duty with the feeling of getting something in return will help others notice that you are doing it out of utter care and want this to be noticed.

The weakness is clearly seen that you will be more credible to slot in and look to take on more duties that will provide immediate satisfaction. I feel the heaviest objection to this thesis is that Kant does not take sufficient thought of emotional attachment of human beings. I believe his thesis weighs a lot on simple reason alone without any stress on the emotional element of our ethics. Kant’s view that morality is a task ignores the fact that by performing duties individuals can get a somewhat restrained level of individual satisfaction from contribution in such acts that are not usually pleasant to carry out.

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