Essay: A rejected Army’s on Ground Situation

Essay: A rejected Army’s on Ground Situation
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This essay discusses American army in the Vietnam war.

The American army that fought in Vietnam was one of its kinds, so the question arises that what happened to such a prolific force. The answer to this question is that the social unrest caused the upheaval which directly affected the soldiers.

By the end of 1970 the American soldiers were very well aware of the situation back home that their nation had abandoned them and the country have decided to withdraw from the conflict. The feeling of dejection and misery were increasing in the soldiers as they understood that they are being asked to fight a war which most people avoided many people hated and that the country has no intention of winning. With this situation the morale of the soldiers were plummeted and the mindset of most of the      soldiers on ground changed as they had no will in sacrificing their lives for a lost war. The approach now was just to defend and survive one year and return home. Most of the units began to disrupt orders and started to practice the search and evade tactics which were formulated to minimize contact with the enemy (Wiest).

Because of the devastated result of the war many of the soldiers made their mind to quit army and make a career out of forces, and because of that some officers ordered their junior officers to do their duty. Adding up to the misery of the American’s was the issue of fragging in which soldiers killed their own officers and in the year 1970 the number of such cased rose to 209.

All these events which we have discussed earlier clearly indicate that there was a great amount of depression from which the soldiers were going through and this became one of the reason they started using drugs. When the forces were leaving Vietnam a poll was conducted that showed a mind boggling figure of 60% of the enlisted men that used marijuana and around 35000 soldiers became serious heroin addicts during their stay in Vietnam (Wiest).

The other side of the picture was even more treacherous; when these discontented Vietnam veterans’ returned home they openly spoke against the war while many of the soldiers rejected to receive their medals which they had won in Vietnam at the same time many termed the war as the biggest nothing in the history. Many soldier posed the question that “how do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake” The protests against the war was increasing day by day  and according to a poll 58% of the Americans considered this as morally wrong while only 29% disagreed (Lawrence).

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