Essay: Arthur E. Beaumont

Essay: Arthur E. Beaumont
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Arthur Beaumont dedicated a great deal of his life to filing the annals and courage of the U.S. Navy. Born in England, he journeyed to Canada when he was 18 years to endeavor on an equine farm in Saskatchewan. A year subsequent, he migrated to Oakland, California, to take admission at San Francisco School of Art.

After he completed 1 year at the school, he revisited the farm in the San Joaquin Valley. When gravely hurt an accident with cattle of cows in 1915. He then moved on to Los Angeles to restart his work as a painter.

He taught arts to a great bunch of students Glendale Art Institute in California. At this time he was also busy in making a sequence of paintings of the California Missions. And this untitled painting of the California Mission is from the same period.

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