Essay: Article Review on Californian health care

Essay: Article Review on Californian health care
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There are number of follow-up articles which can support the evidence discussed in this article and I would like to discuss one of the article in which the author discussed the rising uninsured adult ratios in the state of California according to the US census bureau of the adult proportion in different areas of the state such as Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia beach are below the national rate of health care.

It has discussed the condition of Norfolk in which 24 percent adults who are under 65 have no healthcare coverage insurance policies. The children below 18 and adults above 65 get the insurance coverage as they certify by the insurance policies of government like Medicare and Medicaid. Local hospitals blame recession as the main culprit which boosted the ratio of uninsured adults in the recent years. This article supports the reliability of the main article and can be used as  a follow-up article (Jeter & Simpson, 2010).

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