Essay: Article Review on Health Care

Essay: Article Review on Health Care
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The side which the health care system supports or favors more is the insured patient’s category which creates biasness for those patients who are uninsured and also create the psychological impacts that could be harmful in the long-run. If we compare the same uninsured category in which the other sub-categories comes under, the results are highly unlikely which leads to unbiased results (Jeter & Simpson, 2010).

The main evidence of biasness and imbalance is the pricing strategy which has been charged by the hospitals. But if we compare the results of biasness in the same category in which the people who actually belong to high income group outside the California who wants to comes to California for the specialized services and those patients whom there expenses are covered by their auto insurance companies are unbiased  results in the same category (Melnick & Fonkych, 2008).

The quality of the article is quite good because it highlights each and every aspect which comes under this article as far as the state of California is concerned. The main sources in the article which ensures reliability of the article is the quantitative measures which were described by the author in a very professional manner such as data collection technique, pricing variables, average collection ratios charged by the hospital and the study results comply the statistics of the uninsured patients admissions in each of the year and their study limitations which develop the results based on biasness in the same category of uninsured patients.

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