Essay: Article Summary of Research on Diabetes

Essay: Article Summary of Research on Diabetes
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The main research article that was chosen to be the basis of this research paper was that by Eddy, Schlessinger and Kahn. This article is titled ‘Clinical Outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of Strategies for Managing People at High Risk of Diabetes’ and was published in Annals of Internal Medicine in 2005.

The article focuses on the lifestyle modification in order to forestall and avoid the infection of diseases like diabetes. However the article states that the long term effectiveness of such strategies is still not ascertained. The objective of this study was “to estimate the effects of the lifestyle modification program used in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) on health and economic outcomes” (Eddy et al, 2005). The design of the study utilized the Archimedes model for the cost effectiveness analysis. The main data sources for the paper were from clinical trials and epidemiological studies. The main population being addressed to in this study ar the high risk for diabetes people who had a specified glucose level. The diagnosis and complication of diabetes were the main measurement for the study.

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