Essay: Articles from the Newspaper

Essay: Articles from the Newspaper
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Sample Essay

Nathwani, J. (2009, August 21). The case for hybrids: Take the long view. Monday’s Globe and Mail, [online].
This article will support to highlight the latent risks that may occur with the use of hybrid cars presently along with the prospective harmful nature of wastes and raw materials used in the manufacturing of fuel cells used for them. This source is identified as an against argument mentioning the potential hazards of the product.

Article from the Magazine

Macqueen, K. (2009). Do hybrid incentives really work? Macleans, [online].

This article will support the deceptions of the government that states the stress given on purchase of these vehicles.This source is also an against view issued on the hybrid cars.

Other General Articles

Gorman, S. (2009, August 31). Hybrid cars fuel fears of a metal shortage. Retrieved October 21, 2009, from

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