Essay: Artificial Intelligence

Essay: Artificial Intelligence
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4.1 Introduction

In exploring the possibility of the future technologies in HCI, AI is an important topic to explore. The reason being, that AI is the study of modeling the human intelligence on the computer. This is because the area of AI offers such tools and techniques which can be used to significantly enhance the experience of the user of any HCI interface.

Artificial Intelligence can be described as the science of making computer performs tasks that require intelligence when performed by humans. In many textbooks, it is defined as the study and design of intelligent agents, where intelligent agents are described as a system that understands its environment and take action accordingly in order to maximize its chances of success. The term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in 1956, at the Dartmouth Conference, where the life of AI began. The field of AI has the claim as its foundation that the core property of humans, intelligence, can be described so precisely that it can actually be simulated on a computer. Though this claim is still far from being fulfilled the field of Artificial Intelligence it has been the subject of optimism in the recent years. Today, AI has become an important part of the technological industry, providing tremendous support in the resolution of the some of the most difficult problems in Computer Science. Hence in this chapter, a comprehensive research on AI as well as its usage is presented (Jackson, 1985).

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