Essay: Artisans are Extremely Dedicated

Essay: Artisans are Extremely Dedicated
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No matter who the audiences are, they seem to be extremely dedicated to what they are doing which we can refer them as artisans.

“Design, unlike art, must locate itself within the ordinary. We engage design with all our senses. The things we see and read, the objects we use, and the places we inhabit are covered by finger prints of graphic, product, and architectural designers” (Blauvelt, 2003, p. 58).

Through art, extremely strong message is passed across. The building with the artworks is World Trade Center. This is the place where the catastrophic event happened in September 11, the bomb blast. This day changed so many lives of the US people with so many left dead. Since then, the US has believed in fight to eliminate the al-Qaida as they are associated with the attack. Te culture has now changed to hate crimes between the Muslims and Americans.

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